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Logica offers a host of robust Property Management and external bank interface products, employing industry wide security best practices accquired from many years of exaustive practical experience.
Our veteran software engineers and principal data architects can assist with migrations, implementations and on going support.

  Property Management Turnkey Solutions

Logica’s Property Management product is a turnkey, enterprise solution that delivers Accounting, Concierge, Maintenance and Security, in a 100% accurate, real-time environment. Included and fully integrated, is also a Payment Management product made available free of charge to our clients. Payees bear a minimal cost per ACH and a flat percentage fee per Credit Card transaction.

There are NO other charges. Guaranteed!


We do it all, including the of handling Credit Card CHARGEBACKS and ACH RETURNS from inception to closure.

All deposited payment receipt batches are GUARANTEED to reconcile to their respective bank accounts.

Our Property Management software is of enterprize nature and configurable to may levels of reporting higharchy as well as a wide range business centric processes.

The complete host of features has been specifically designed to serve as a "White Label" solution to further extend our customers websites and internal processes.

To learn more, please contact a Logica Sales Consultant during the office hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST.

  Extended Model API Solutions

Customers wishing to integrate the processing and management of some or all of our components into their own solutions, can do so by utilizing our Extended API Solutions and Services.

Implementing Logica’s industry-leading Property Management Integration technology (PMI) into your software, ensures that your solutions can be successfully deployed and fully operational from day one, thereby reducing risk and increasing competitive advantage.
Discover how you can embed Logica's PMI technology into any of the packaged management applications you either service, develop, distribute, or host.

Transactional cost only. NO other charges. Guarateed!


Technical assistance and Production emulated Sandbox environments are available for certification, and upon request, for additional availability.

To learn more, please contact a Logica Sales Consultant from 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST.