Management Software for the Real Estate Industry

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         Why Property Management & Administration?

The Property Management & Administration is a turnkey, enterprise solution delivering payment transactions and cash management reporting in a 100% accurate, real-time environment.

The Property Management & Administration has a dynamic, collaborative corporate culture and aggressively helps clients win new business while assisting them in retaining their current client base.

The Property Management & Administration is available as a White Label solution, proven to increase payee adoption, while reducing returns and chargebacks. Residents / Tenants experience an increased comfort level knowing that their payments are being processed directly by their property management firm, instead of some other third party entity.

The Property Management & Administration lowers the overall cost of receivables, as its payment collection and cash management tool set fully integrates with your website as well as multiple property management accounting products. A significant reduction in manual activities relating to bank statement reconciliation is also a major benefit. Guaranteed!
Converting to paperless transactions has not only environmental benefits, but a positive impact on your bottom line.