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  About Us

Logica has been helping clients implement information technology solutions since 1989, offering a robust set of products and services enabling businesses to maximize investments in legacy and emerging technologies alike. This approach has led to the improvement of business outcomes, as well as sucessfull and substantial competitive advantages.

  Service Level

Logica offers its services inside a Smart Outsourcing approach, emphasizing three key components:
The First - Highly personalized services,
The Second - Top quality project management,
The Third - lower costs.
This approach combines services such as outsourcing, consulting, business processes, and change management into a comprehensive package that helps clients transform their businesses.
Smart Outsourcing focuses on developing collaborative partnerships with clients, instead of the more traditional buyer/vendor relationships.

  Turnkey Offerings

We at Logica Systems Laboratories beleive that what is necessary for success, is the crafting of solutions and offerings that reconcile the core attributes of a solution provider to the core needs of it's recipients.
This is the approach we have taken in developing products and offerings that we take to market and present to our clients and prospects alike.

  Software as a Service

Logica Systems Laboratories focus is clear and concise: "We Deliver Results for the Digital World".
We are not all things to all people. We focus on our core competencies to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.
Neither do we sell nor license our products, rather, we leverage our clients/partners for these necessary components to enhance our ability to deliver complete turnkey solutions to meet our client's ultimate business goals.

  Targeted to your Needs

We seek to recognize the compelling needs and investment return scenarios associated with the projects we undertake.
We work diligently to provide our clients with both the thought leadership and technical skills necessary to take operational and strategic advantage of emerging and enabling technologies.
We leverage existing projects, systems and business processes in an approach that allows our clients to realize new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
In short, we strive to make a highly effective connection between the best of what we are and the unique set of circumstances associated with our clients needs.
It is this philosophy that is woven into the fabric of how we do business.